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Private Voice Lessons

“Dr. Latour was my first voice teacher. She took on the challenge of molding and pouring knowledge into a very naive and inexperienced student with patience and encouragement. I learned healthy classical technique, and then she helped me transition into musical theatre and belt. She laid the strong foundation I needed to go on to grad school and a successful career as a singer. She helped me find MY sound, and MY voice."

Melissa Rivera, student of Dr Michelle Latour.jpg

Melissa Rivera, Producing Director of Education & Mainstage at Berkeley Playhouse & professional singer

"Michelle is so much more than a voice teacher. She uses her skills to teach life lessons, and I learned to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. She helped me understand the value of my own singing and teaching, and that there is no growth in always accepting the status quo. She is a forward-looking force to be recognized. I am forever grateful for her sincere belief in my own abilities, and her patience to cultivate those abilities beyond my imagination!"

Suzanne Stone, student of Michelle Latour.jpg

Suzanne M. Stone, private voice teacher & licensed body mapping instructor

Am I good enough?

This is the question that keeps you up at night. 

It’s what propels you to the practice room at 9:00pm and holds you there until midnight.


It’s that sense of panic you get when you know the end of Durch Zärtlichkeit is fast approaching – you know you’re meant for that high note, but is that high note meant for you?

It’s what keeps you singing the same safe, stale rep when your gut tells you it’s time to branch out. 

It’s what makes your palms sweat and your knees quake when you conjure the courage to show up for that audition. 

Am I good enough?


Every singer agonizes over this. We carry this question in our hearts, and we’re all desperate for someone to say, “Yes!! You have what it takes!!”

And in this studio, we answer that question together. 


Because here’s the secret:

You are not in competition with anyone else...
The rivalry is between you and the work.

“Dr. Latour meets students where they are at and takes them farther than they think they can go. She has not only helped me improve my technique but has helped me improve my overall mindset when approaching practice and performance. I have learned to love the voice I have. I would not be the singer I am today without Dr. Latour's empathetic and process-driven instruction."

Devon Burke, student of Dr. Michelle Latour, voice teacher in Las Vegas

Devon Burke, Master of Arts candidate, Shakespeare & Creativity, University of Birmingham, UK

Enrollment: Due to the exclusive nature of this studio, enrollment is limited, and students are chosen by audition. Click below for more information on how to apply.

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