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"Your voice has endless potential. Let’s not waste time competing with others and instead discern what’s
incredible about your artistry."

Dr. Michelle Latour

Dr Michelle Latour at Piano.jpg

Release the Diva

Your voice is your superpower.  There’s only ONE of you on the planet, and your voice is singularly yours. My job is to help you uncover, develop, and nurture that voice in a premiere environment that appeals to singers who are seeking couture voice instruction

Couture? Yes, we are fancy around here. You can be fancy, too. And fabulous. You can go beyond the ordinary and become extraordinary. But for that to happen you have to show up for yourself. You have it in you. I am here to prove it to you. Are you ready to claim excellence? Let’s talk.

“Michelle teaches more than vocal technique; she nurtures the artist within each person...her openness to others’ ideas allows her to bring in a variety of guests to work with her students and expand their perspectives. Michelle's positive approach clearly resonates with everyone who works with her.”

Ann Baltz, Former Artistic Director & Founder of OperaWorks™️

Ann Baltz.jpg
Dr Michelle Latour with student Stephanie Redman_edited.jpg

Who are you?

  • You’re a professional who wants to refine your technique.

  • You’re a music teacher who wants to improve your own voice and elevate your teaching.

  • You’re a high school student who dreams of pursuing a degree in music.

  • You’re a serious singer who wants to explore what is possible with your voice.

  • You’re habilitating a vocal injury. 

  • You’re a classically trained singer in need of a repertoire consultant.

If any of this sounds like you, then you have landed in the right place. Whether you are shooting for Carnegie Hall or just wanting to sing fabulously in your living room, I can help you to reach your full vocal potential.


But first, let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Dr Michelle Latour at the piano in Las Vegas teaching voice student virtually via a laptop

What makes us a perfect fit?

  • You have a passion for singing and the drive to pursue it consistently.

  • You are ready to experience a teacher that connects with ALL of you in a courageous, innovative, challenging, and inspiring way.

  • You understand that top shelf results require a top shelf’re ready to raise your level.

"Applying to and being accepted into Dr. Latour's studio was a huge boon to my career. Lessons with her have helped me to prepare for some of my biggest high-profile concerts, and the skills she has taught me will stay with me for life.”

Michelle Johnson, Vocalist, Writer, Producer

Michelle Johnson, vocal student of Michelle Latour.jpg

Why this studio?

So, I’m a little different. Okay, a lot different. If we work together, we will be working on all of you. We are going to dig deep. No pretension. No preconceived notions. But you can be sure that you and your voice are too important to be treated with anything but the utmost respect and care. Will the work you will need to do be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

You are your voice, and we have to address all of you to get to the juicy parts. The parts that make you epic. We are mining for gold, and that requires an unconventional approach that is completely different from what you would find in a typical voice studio. 

That means that we will be working in an atmosphere that includes:

connection    consistency    compassion    vulnerability    humor    patience

“Dr. Latour is a strong technician who understands the importance of inspiring students to be equally passionate about the music, the poetry, and the dramatic presentation. Her impact on me during my graduate studies has profoundly influenced my current teaching style.”

Lindsay Cunningham, Adjunct Voice Faculty, Belmont University & Co-Managing Opera Diva, Opera on Tap-Nashville

Lyndsay Cunningham student of Dr Latour.jpg

What we will do...

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • Refine what’s already there.

  • Establish repertoire that fits your voice and fills your soul.

  • Untether you from what is holding you back.

  • Set you up for success, joy, and confidence in your voice and yourself.

And we will do this together!

Dr Michelle Latour Teaching Voice at Piano, in a White Pant Suit, from her Las Vegas vocal studio

These tools are part of the LATOUR voice studios, LLC, experience. Whether you are a singer who is a kinesthetic, visual, aural or cognitive learner, I have developed novel and innovative ways to engage students. Every student can learn.

Ready to up-level your singing? Ready to do the work? Ready to explore what’s possible?

Let's do this!

Dr Michelle Latour, Voice Teacher.jpg

I am Dr. Michelle Latour, the creator of the LATOUR voice studios, LLC, a private voice studio that, through academic rigor without politics, and intellectual curiosity without midterms, ensures the survival of the soul.

Because no matter how far life has pulled you from your voice, music always calls you back from your hiatus. And by approaching your musical journey with open-minded and high-minded principles, you will discover or rediscover your extraordinary vocal expression. 

By refining your abilities, you not only transform your voice-you learn to love it. 

Dr. Michelle Latour, The Latour Voice Studios in Las Vegas LOGO

"Music is a universal language, but the romance really begins when you learn how to speak to it."

Dr. Michelle Latour

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