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"I am a voice teacher so that the world can be a more beautiful place through music."

Dr. Michelle Latour

I serve singers who are

  • passionate about their voice,

  • focused on closing the gap between technique AND artistry,

  • committed to taking their voice to the next level.

“Dr. Latour has completely changed my life as a singer. It wasn’t until I joined her studio that I really found a home. She is patient, kind, and dedicated to her students. Her teaching style is so inclusive! I truly found my voice with her.”

Stephanie Redman, private voice teacher, public school music specialist, & Co-Managing Diva, Opera on Tap-Las Vegas

Stephanie Redman, student of Michelle Latour.jpg

My Philosophy...

My job is to see, foster, develop, and celebrate the uniqueness behind every person I work with. I know that a solid technical foundation in voice studies does not mandate a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, but instead, teaching, mentoring, and encouraging singers in a committed and engaged environment that yields outstanding results.

“With Dr. Latour, your voice can develop into something you didn’t know you had!”

Rebecca Mikes, Theatre major, Las Vegas Academy

Rebecca Mikes, voice student of Dr Latour.jpg

More Than Just Lessons

The more you participate in studio events, the more you will gain from your vocal journey. The LATOUR voice studios, LLC, offers group master classes, hosts world-renowned guest clinicians, presents studio recitals, and participates in local and national voice competitions.

Master Class at The Latour Voice Studios in Las Vegas with Jeanie Lovetri
Virtual Master Class at The Latour Voice Studios in Las Vegas via Zoom during Covid-19 pandemic
Master Class at The Latour Voice Studios in Las Vegas with Ann Baltz

"Dr. Latour focuses on technique and the heart of the singer. She listens. She encourages. She uplifts. She supports. In the process of all of this? She changes lives for the better, because she teaches the whole singer - not just the voice."

Lauren Giere McKay, soprano, private voice teacher, & busy mother of four

Lauren McKay, student of Dr. Michelle Latour.jpg

Statement of Inclusion

At the LATOUR voice studios, LLC, we welcome everyone of all ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender, age, ancestry, disability, marital status, and religious background.

Parent Testimonials

"One of her greatest qualities is her willingness to show vulnerability. She teaches her students that it is acceptable to make mistakes. She gives her students the opportunity to try new things, and she cares about her student’s vocal development. Dr. Latour always makes her students feel as if they can accomplish anything."

Debora R.

"I learned to appreciate my children’s talent in a greater capacity since they started vocal lessons with Dr. Latour. She is a model of excellence, and she pushes them to be at the top of their talents and abilities. Michelle has taught me how valuable professionalism and performance excellence is for my children."

Jennifer P.

Dr. Michelle Latour, voice teacher in Las Vegas, being silly

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