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Jewel Songstress Stephanie Horowitz-Mulry

Stephanie Horowitz-Mulry is the perfect example of not letting life get you down, regardless of the curveballs thrown your way.

Despite losing gigs to COVID restrictions and battling Crohn’s disease, Stephanie has risen above it all- a side hustle selling opera-inspired jewelry, shifting her vintage vocal trio to online performances, teaching private voice lessons online, and even launching her first EP, Stēvi M.

So how does she do it? I caught up with Stephanie via Zoom, where she shared her story.

Tell us about your jewelry line and how it all started.

I have been making craft jewelry since I was a kid. In my early 20s I would make jewelry for myself and my friends. Around 2007 there was a trend of these crystal puffy heart pendants. They were complicated to make but I was determined to figure it out. The day I made my first one I gave it to my sister, we went to a store, and someone stopped her and asked where she could get one. That was the first day of my jewelry business. I started my Etsy page the next month.

Fast forward a decade later. At the time I was a part of The Opera Diva Dress Collection, a FB group that was just starting to morph into the powerhouse group, Shoperatic. There was a thread in which someone was asking for a good opera phrase to engrave on something. People started saying things like “toi toi toi,” “in bocca al lupo,” and “Sempre Libera.” I asked the original poster if I could take this idea and flirt with some jewelry design ideas. After a search through my jewelry supplies and a quick trip to Michael’s, the collection was on its way!

The Opera Collection officially debuted in April of 2017 with just 2 or 3 pieces. The first one was Sempre Libera, and I still have the original one. I had been making jewelry sporadically, but with the development of Shoperatic, I was once again inspired.

It was a revelation! For once my jewelry life and my music life merged. I could use my classical training to make whimsical and nerdy pieces for fabulous singers. It has been an amazing ride ever since. I love getting to know these wonderful singers that request their favorite arias. I have also been able to make pieces for some of my absolute heroes, and have expanded into musical theatre themes as well.

I have to thank the fabulous divas, Sara Duchovnay-Hilley and Suzanne Vinnik, for starting Shoperatic and for bringing together so many women in the spirit of support, generosity, side-hustle, and friendship.

You are also part of Long Island’s Premiere Vintage Vocal Trio, the Jewel Tones?

Yes, although I am originally a classically-trained singer, I turned to jazz and pop genres about ten years ago. The Jewel Tones was formed in 2012 along with my colleagues, Valerie Kathleen Grehan and Holly Lynne.

Valerie, Holly and myself had been singing together since we met during the Gilbert and Sullivan Light Opera Company of Long Island's Production of Princess Ida. In 2010, the South Shore Syncopators adopted us as their in-house vocal trio, known as the Three Babbling Brooks. Though the Syncopators disbanded in 2012, the three of us decided to continue singing together. We re-branded ourselves as The Jewel Tones, and have expanded our repertoire to include Christmas carols and jazz.

And even more exciting, you have recently released a solo EP, Stēvi M?

Yes! The project is almost complete. I have released 4 songs on Spotify. This is a project close to my heart, as I love to write empowering music that speaks of self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles, and fun.

To learn more about Stephanie, please visit the following links:

Jewel Song Etsy Store:

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Stephanie & The Jewel Tones:

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